Single Player Mode

SportE is a state-of-the-art fitness application that rewards you for exercising. In Single Player Mode, users are equipped with NFT Shoes and Stamina to earn SportE token (SET) by moving. Users are able to look at a status on the top of the screen, which indicates either Walking, Jogging or Running. To begin, users select a Shoe of their choice, and press Start.
Please note that every Stamina equals 5 minutes of Move-to-earn movement and Stamina which ONLY starts replenishing after acquiring an NFT Shoe.

Mystic Runes Box

Mystic Runes Box is a lucky box that is randomly dropped while you are moving in Single Player Mode. It contains Runes (Level 1 – 3). Each user has 5 Mystic Runes Box slots.
Mystic Runes Box has the same 5 quality types as Shoes. When receiving a Mystic Runes Box, users have to wait for a certain period to open it as the countdown ends (please note that the countdown starts automatically). Mystic Runes Box's quality will increase proportionately to the countdown interval.


This will be displayed if the app reveals an unsteady GPS/Mobile Data, or the user is not inevitably moving (i.e., using an electronic scooter or strap phone on their pets).
No SET is earned while Spacewalking, and users may not lose Stamina depending on the circumstance.
GPS Signal: RED - No GPS; Orange - Poor GPS; Green - Strong GPS.
Please always make sure that you have Stamina before starting exercise because there is no token earning if you have zero Stamina.

SET/SPE Rewards

SET/SPE Rewards are paid out for every minute of exercising being dependent on 4 main factors as follows:
Shoe’s Comfort Attribute - The more SPE earned every minute for the higher Comfort value.
Speed of Movement - To boost earnings, users are advised to move within the optimal speed range of their Shoes. Whenever users fall out this range, their earnings can be scaled down up to 90%, which depends on the speed discrepancy from the optimal range.
Type of Shoe - Base SET rewards for each Shoe will differ.
Shoe’s Streng Attribute - The more SET is earned every minute for the higher Strength value. Please note that users can ONLY earn SET from Level 0 to Level 29. Further, at Level 30, users can choose to either earn SET or SPE. Users are free to switch between these two earning modes from Level 30.
Once Stamina is diminished, users stop earning SET/SPE tokens. They can either choose to carry on tracking their movements, or manually exit Single Player Mode by pressing the Stop button in the SPORTE app.